July 25, 2018

I’ve received some questions about how my role differs from the hockey season to the off-season and what my crazy travel schedule is like. I figured it would be fun to dive into what my day-to-day is like during the season, and what happens when it all stops for the su...

June 19, 2018

I find myself feeling extra grateful that people come to me for advice. I’m no expert and I’m far from perfect, but I have a lot to give, so thank you for trusting me with your questions and for supporting my work!

In the spirit of graduation season, it felt right for t...

May 17, 2017

It was September, 2016, AKA my favorite time of year: football season. I was the Jacksonville Jaguars Reporter and On-Air Host for an afternoon drive radio show in Jacksonville, Florida. I had just begun my second season covering the team and I was so excited to feel c...

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